I was glad to see Silent Light (Luz silenciosa) at the Portland International Film Festival last month. It was a rewarding cinematic experience (here's my review), and now, having seen it, I know why there was such an outcry when it (and several other worthy films) failed to make the Oscar foreign-language category shortlist. It's an extraordinary movie, not to mention another milestone in Mexico's current filmmaking golden age.

It would seem the Mexicans agree, as Silent Light took home five trophies -- including best picture -- at Tuesday's Ariel Awards. (The Ariels are the Mexican equivalent of the Oscars.) Carlos Reygadas, who wrote and directed the film, won awards for both of those jobs, while Maria Pankratz was named best supporting actress. Alexis Zabe's cinematography was also awarded, and with good reason -- the images in this film are breathtakingly beautiful.
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