One of the unwritten rules of movie reviewing used to be that if it was in the film's trailer, you could mention it in the review without it being considered a "spoiler." But in the last few years, we've learned that you can't follow that rule in every case, because too many trailers reveal too much. It's totally backwards, but movie critics now find themselves having to be more careful about giving things away than the studios are.

Christopher Orr, film critic at the politics-and-arts magazine The New Republic, has gotten tired of trailers that tell the whole story. So as an experiment, his review of 21 (in theaters tomorrow) is based only on his viewing of the trailer -- he hasn't actually seen the movie. He's betting that the trailer tells him everything he needs to know (except for the characters' names, which he got from IMDb). After he sees the film, he'll update the "review" as necessary.
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