Quick, name of all of Matt Damon's fictional brothers -- in order -- from Good Will Hunting!

How good are you at movie quizzes? Have you ever stumbled across a quiz and thought, "This is way too lame -- I could've come up with a much cooler quiz than this?" Are there still a plethora of undiscovered topics out there? And speaking of the word 'plethora,' what movie is this line from: "Jefe, would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?" Okay, I'll stop now. But check it -- Moviefone just launched this really cool feature where you can create your own movie quizzes and share them with other like-minded individuals. Don't feel like creating a quiz? Well, then go exploring around -- there's already a ton of quizzes created by other folks for you can partake in.

Right now, I'm seeing quizzes on the Star Wars Trilogy, on Tom Hanks movies, on celebrity voices, on Harry Potter films, on Will Ferrell, on Pixar Movies, on hidden things in movies ... and the list goes on. There's also a leader board which you can aspire to land on one day. So head on over to Moviefone, create a quiz, take a quiz, what have you, then come back and let us know your favorites. (Also, feel free to pimp your own quiz in the comments section and we'll all run over and take it.)

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