I totally think it'd be fun to hang with George Clooney for the day. Not even for the attention, the women or the chance that Perez Hilton would write silly little things all over a photo of George and I. Fact is, the guy just looks like he has a good time with life (granted, good looks and millions of dollars probably help some). Above you will find an exclusive clip from Moviefone's latest Unscripted installment featuring Mr. Clooney and his Leatherheads co-star John Krasinski.

Not only did they ask each other questions YOU left for them right here on this very blog, but they also revealed plenty in the "unscripted" questions they asked one another. Who won a thousand bucks in a one-on-one basketball game behind the scenes: Clooney or Krasinski? Whose perfect date consists of drinking and yelling? And why do the boys care so much about Fifi from San Francisco? (Where are you Fifi -- you're a star now!) Check out the clip above, then head on over to Moviefone for the entire Unscripted interview. Fun stuff.

Leatherheads tackles its way into theaters on April 4.