It might seem like Maria Bello is a strange replacement for Maggie Gyllenhaal. She might not be the last person I'd pick to take over (that honor might go to someone like, say, Jessica Simpson), but she's also not someone I would think of. However, it completely fits in this case. Gyllenhaal was set to have a small, flashback role in the upcoming adaptation, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. She was going to play the title character's mother in the flashbacks. Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Bello is in final negotiations to take over the role, as Gyllenhaal backed out due to changes in scheduling.

Considering the fact that Pippa Lee is being played by Robin Wright Penn, Bello is a great fit. She looks more like the other actress, and is a bit easier to buy as a relative. As for Gyllenhaal -- the scheduling doesn't interfere with other work, but rather, her family time. She's chosen to spend this time with husband Peter Sarsgaard and their child while he films that lascivious UK movie, An Education. Or, maybe she's just keeping an eye on things to make sure that sexual education doesn't jump off the set? (I kid!)
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