Usually I have at least one trailer in the bunch that makes me groan, roll my eyes, or -- as happened in one case -- slam my head in a car door. I'm keeping it positive this time. The common thread for the trailers we're looking at this week is that they all gave me something to look forward to.

Death Defying Acts
I haven't seen Guy Pearce in a film since 2000's Memento, but he blew me away in that one, and his presence here caught my attention. This time out he's playing Harry Houdini, and he is offering a reward to anyone who can make contact beyond the grave with his late mother. A Scottish psychic played by Catherine Zeta Jones takes the challenge and enters into a romantic relationship with the great magician. Romance, deceit, intrigue and a cool period setting. What's not to like?

The Tracey Fragments
Last month I posted that The Tracey Fragments starring Ellen Page had scored a U.S. theatrical release. Page plays Tracey Berkowitz, a 15-year-old girl desperately trying to find her little brother who she has hypnotized into thinking he's a dog. The trailer gives a good taste of the film's non-linear style that often uses spit screens, and it's got an intriguing look. Also in the plus column is the fact that it's directed by Bruce McDonald, who was the man behind the punk rock fake documentary Hardcore Logo, and of course Page was terrific in Juno. Erik Davis reviewed the film here, and the movie goes into limited relase on May 9.