Poor Wong Kar-Wai! Has the Chinese auteur been reduced to selling t-shirts to make a living? Not exactly. Movie City Newspointed to an item at Material Interest, a news blog at Style.com, which indicates that the director has apparently authorized various merchandise to publicize next week's opening of his latest work, My Blueberry Nights. The goods, available exclusively at the New York and Los Angeles locations of boutique retailer Opening Ceremony, includes t-shirts, which sell for $95, posters, which go for $50, and postcards, selling for the bargain basement price of just $25.

Wong has been widely celebrated for following his own muse, which has often alienated him from the Hong Kong film industry where he got his start as a scriptwriter more than 25 years ago. Sad to say, the English-language My Blueberry Nights alienated him from half the critical world when it premiered to widespread disappointment at Cannes last year. (Our own James Rocchi was more positive, noting its shortcomings but concluding that "most of us will be swept away by Wong's visions and his depiction of love, loss and life.") Wong has since tinkered with the film, and a new version opens next Friday, April 4.
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