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Here it is -- and unless the entire Internet has been faked out, it is the official poster for The X-Files 2.. I must admit, it is very sharp. Still, given that this is a stand-alone story, they probably should have done without the stars. People are going to look at it and automatically assume it is going to be about aliens. And it still could be -- it just won't be the mythology aliens.

If you're wondering where the title is, according to the PaleyFest panel (where the teaser trailer debuted) Fox and Chris Carter are still squabbling over it. "I know what I want it to be, but Fox has ideas of their own," Carter told the Paley crowd. "I know what it should be."

Thanks to xfilesnews.com for the poster news (and they also have a run down of the PaleyFest stuff). The X-Files 2 is due out in theaters on July 25.