Proof may have failed to wow audiences, but it looks like math is coming back to the big screen, mixed with science, adventure, and intrigue. No, I'm not talking about 21, but rather a new adaptation that's on the way. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Lionsgate films have picked up the film rights to Stuart Gibbs' debut novel, The Last Equation.

It's all based on "the mystery surrounding Pandora, Albert Einstein's last equation. It had the potential to solve the world's energy problems, but it so drastically simplified the process of harnessing atomic energy that it essentially made it possible for anyone to create atomic weaponry. Because of the risks, Einstein either hid or destroyed the equation before his death." Zoom forward to the present day. The government gets the help of a fugitive criminal (Snake Plissken!) and a math genius (John Nash!) to find the equation ... dum, dum, dum ... before it falls in the wrong hands. What is it about bad guys that makes them the only savior when potentially terrible things happen?

Lionsgate's Mike Paseornek says: "Stuart Gibbs has written a novel that has everything you need for a first-rate action-thriller, starting with an ingenious premise about a mathematical formula that could either save the world or destroy it." It could be good, it could be bad. All I know is that I'd like at least a little camp to it. The world needs a new, great good bad guy.
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