It's tough to know which tone I should take when discussing the latest DTV remakes and sequels. On one hand, I just saw a "remake" of April Fools Day that's so amazingly awful it made my corneas itch -- but on the other, I was pleasantly surprised by titles like Wrong Turn 2 and White Noise 2. So I think I'll just forgo the excited geekiness AND the snarling disdain, and just get with the trailerness:

Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (or maybe it's Joy Ride 2: End of the Road?) is a video-store follow-up to the surprisingly solid 2001 thriller Joy Ride. (Don't even pretend you don't remember the awesome combined power of Zahn, Walker and Sobieski.) The semi-sequel comes from first-time scribe James Robert Johnston and one of the guys who penned Dumb & Dumber. The director is Louis Morneau, well-known to schlock-fans as the man who helmed The Hitcher 2, Bats, and Carnosaur 2.

And get this! The flick is about a bunch of young people who get terrorized by a raving madman! Don't believe me? Check out the trailer at and tell me if you'd rent this flick. (I would. Obviously.) You have until October to decide.
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