What would happen if you merged the early days of Sex and the City with Amelie? Methinks you might get Maynard and Jennica, a recently released book from Rudolph Delson, which The Hollywood Reporter posts has just been picked up by Scott Rudin for a big-screen adaptation. He has tapped playwright and television Liz Meriwether to adapt it into her first feature script.

The novel is a "whimsical story about the relationship between a filmmaker-musician and his more introspective girlfriend that is set before, during, and after Sept. 11." The story has 35 first-person narrators, who include not only friends and family, but also dead ancestors, a Russian Israeli scam artist, the emergency break on a train, and a macaw. So, I'm getting flashbacks to the old at-the-camera dating tidbits from SatC's early days, plus the strange wonder of Amelie.
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