Here are some casting nibblets for the end of the month, courtesy of Variety:
  • Yet another lucky actor has been added to the film that will partake in the culinary wonders of Julia Child. Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) has picked up a starring role in Nora Ephron's Julie & Julia. There is, however, no word on who he will play. Had Julia and Paul Child had children, I would assume that Annable would be one, because he sort of has a Streep/Tucci look to him. But, no dice.
  • Patrick J. Adams, meanwhile, will take a lead role alongside Judi Dench in a new film called Rage, from indie filmmaker Sally Potter (The Tango Lesson). Now, if you're familiar with the director and her 1997 film, this project should sound familiar. Potter had put Rage's script aside years ago to film Tango, but mentioned it within the other film. When describing the meta aspects of the film years ago, The Austin Chronicle had described Rage as a film where: "swan-like female models in haute-couture evening gowns are chased by a legless designer with murder in his heart." Iiinteresting!

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