It has been over ten years since Diane Keaton and Steve Martin last starred in a film together -- Father of the Bride Part II. Now Variety reports that they're getting back into the family way for Paramount Pictures' comedy called One Big Happy. The pitch is the brainchild of Party of Five creators Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman, and while they are being tight-lipped about the premise, Variety sources say that it's "a family comedy about a couple and a family reconnecting amid various obstacles."

The question is: can this possible live up to hopes? A handful of years ago, I might have said yes, but in the wave of crappy films from Diane Keaton, it's hard not to worry that this will just be another one. Then again, maybe this will mark a turning point for the actress. Perhaps she can reinvigorate her career with the help of a little white-haired Martin. She has to have it in there somewhere, buried deep below Mad Money, Because I Said So, and some of her other recent films... To be fair, Martin has had some questionable flicks in there as well, but since I really enjoyed both Novocaine and Shopgirl, he gets some slack.

Now if they can get Martin Short for an even bigger Father of the Bride reunion, I'll definitely check it out.
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