First up -- this bit borders on gossip territory, but I just can't resist mentioning it once I think about Johnny Depp's many roles over the years. According to the Daily Star in the UK, the actor has been offered a whopping $10 million to be the face of Trojan condoms. Oh, yes. He's been an advocate of safe sex education, and should he agree to be the face of rubbers, he would appear in "a series of offbeat TV commercials." Now, should this come to fruition, I can only hope that it riffs on his characters over the years -- perhaps some stints about keeping condoms safe and away from slicers and dicers like Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd.

Then there's Kiefer Sutherland. He's been having many crappy 24-hour periods on television, some drunk driving issues off the camera, and now it seems that he's going to direct a music video for The Feeling. The Sun reports that the actor is friends with the band, and wants to helm their next video -- either for the song "Join With Us" or "Turn It Up." This wouldn't be the actor's first directorial gig, but it has been a while since he helmed Woman Wanted in 2000. He was so unhappy with studio interference on the project that he Alan-Smithee'd his involvement, so it's no wonder that he's stayed away from directing until now. Time will tell if this will bring him back to the directorial fold, or just be a break from counter terrorism.

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