These days, the only thing keeping Katie Holmes in the spotlight is her marriage to Tom Cruise and vampy new look. It's a shame after the cool flicks that jump-started her career like The Ice Storm, Go, Wonder Boys, and The Gift. Nevertheless, she's become one of the queens of tabloid fodder, and turning downDark Knight for that stinker known as Mad Money didn't help things at all. Could Broadway save her?

The Daily Mail says that she's in final negotiations to make her Broadway debut in All My Sons, a post-WWII drama written by Arthur Miller (that also became a film in 1948). Should she sign on the dotted line (she's already committed to private workshops of the play), she'll join John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest in the production. Yes! At the very least, we've got a Footloose reunion to delight in.

Aside from the cast, this production should get a lot of buzz because it's the first major revival of Miller's work since his death a few years ago. Based on a true story, it follows a woman whose father sold faulty parts to the military during the war. It's no Mad Money, so this might just be Holmes' professional resurrection. Considering Cruise's waning roster lately, could she revive things and become the family bread winner?
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