It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To
is a low budget horror flick looking for a distributor, though you can still buy the film directly from the producers at Scotchworthy Productions. This $15,000 flick is so far below the radar right now it doesn't have an entry on IMDB, and for some reason an IMDB search for the title yields a completely unrelated porn movie which is both hilarious and not safe for work. Director Tony Wash met his crew while attending Tom Savini's Special FX School, though the film did not shoot until after he had graduated, so Wash insists this is not a student film. Indeed it isn't, because despite the rough-around-the-edges look (the body double in the shower scene, for example, has freckles that don't match up with our leading lady) that would be impossible to avoid on such a miniscule budget, this is one of the most ambitious and downright fun gorefests I've seen in awhile. If this one doesn't find a distributor soon it will be a travesty.

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