We've been following the House of Re-Animator story for a little while now, but the project seems to be officially dead and buried at this point. According to a recent Fangoria piece, director Stuart Gordon was unable to get the funding for his splattery political satire, and now that George Bush is about to leave office -- the premise wouldn't exactly feel all that fresh. So while the Re-Animator series may live on in one form or another, it won't be going in this particular direction. Darn.

But in the same article, Mr. Gordon announced that he's just about to start casting for his adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's Thing On the Doorstep. While this short story is hardly one of Lovecraft's most acclaimed efforts, I think it's a damn solid little terror tale. Production on Doorstep will begin this summer. (Oh, and Gordon's Stuck opens this May, and if it plays near you, I'd say check it out.)
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