Warning: Spoilers for
The Mist obviously follow.

Though it opened to an enormous collective yawn, I thought that Stephen King's The Mist-- just released on DVD -- was one of the very best films of last year. Perhaps more accurately, I thought it was a movie that Frank Darabont and Stephen King tailor-made for me. There were moments in it that completely embodied everything I love about the horror genre: when a disheveled, bloodied Jeffrey DeMunn barreled into the supermarket, yelling that "there's something in the mist," the terror in his eyes and voice chilled me to the bone. That intersection between the mundane and the fantastical, the film straddling the line between the world we know and some place far beyond our imagination, is what makes that moment, and many others in The Mist,so scary. It approaches its supernatural conceit with an unforgettable combination of horror and wide-eyed wonder.
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