One thing is for certain -- Jaime Pressly has come a long way since playing Beth, Girlfriend #1 in Can't Hardly Wait. These days, she's all busy with My Name is Earl, which won her an Emmy, and now The Hollywood Reporter posts that she has just picked up a lead role in I Love You, Man. Paul Rudd had signed on to be the leading man back in December, and Rashida Jones signed on to marry him around Valentine's Day.

As the story goes, Rudd is about to marry Jones. In her soon-to-be bride excitement, she starts to call all of her friends to be in the wedding. "Realizing he has no friends, he starts to go on man-dates to find a best man." I guess that means that he's one of those guys who gives up a social life for his woman. Luckily, he's able to find a friend and best man -- in Jason Segel. Pressly will play Jones' best friend, so perhaps there will even be double fireworks in this romantic comedy.
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