It was just last month that word broke about Virginia Madsen starting her own production company. Now Variety reports that Jennifer Aniston is, as well, along with producer, filmmaker, and friend Kristin Hahn. The company is called Echo Films, and it's gearing up with a first-look deal at Universal. Where Madsen's company is more about the production aspects, than her own work as an actress, it seems that this company will focus on starring vehicles for Aniston. So you should expect a lot more cinematic work from the actress in the coming years.

Hahn says: "We particularly like working from books and real-life stories about distinct characters that embody something relatable and relevant about human nature's double-sided coin of vulnerability and mettle." This, Aniston says, is what inspired their company's name: "to echo back an idea, a challenge, something that resonates through all of us."
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