The Joker's latest campaign is currently overloading his server, but here's what's happened so far.

Over on Clown Travel Agency, a list of addresses was posted for bowling alleys across the country. Whoever got there first received a bowling bag with a ball engraved with a number, and the usual Joker swag of a cellphone and a Joker card.
(Empire has some photos of the swag up and is one of the few sites not being completely overloaded.) Those who called the number were told "We know who you are" and that was that. As each bag was picked up, CTA received another stamp.

Now CTA is defunct, and forwards you to Acme Security Systems, where you are asked to enter your e-mail address and phone number for voice verification. For most (including Erik Davis and myself), the server wouldn't load. One person I know got through, and the next task is apparently to disable Acme's security system. The password is "Needle" for what it's worth -- I assume this is what you're supposed to voice verify.

New updates after the jump ...
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