So today is the day we've all been waiting for. Apparently, there are a couple things to watch out for in the land of Gotham City. First off, the Joker has already kick-started his April Fools nonsense by unveiling a list of locations throughout the world along with this message: "Ready to have a ball? A special bag of fun awaits the first to claim it, but you'd better strike fast, there's no time to spare." As of now, only a few actual international locations have been revealed, with spots throughout the United States still left to be uncovered. The cities are all there, though, with the exception of New York City. What gives Joker? But it does include Philly, San Francisco, Miami, Austin, Las Vegas, etc ...

One imagines each location in each city will be revealed as we pass a certain time in the day. Last time Joker did something like this, it was mass chaos -- and I believe (if I can remember correctly) we walked away with a photo of the Joker. So there's definitely something that will be unveiled today, and I doubt it will be a photo of the Joker. Perhaps a new trailer? A photo of Two Face? Dunno. Another site to keep an eye on is I believe in Harvey Dent. Supposedly, Dent is holding a press conference this afternoon at 3PM (EST?), so be on the look out for that too.

Of course, if you should find anything at any of these locations, definitely let us know what it is. The Dark Knight hits theaters on July 18.

UPDATE: More cities, including some in the United States, have been revealed.
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