Late last year I got to see a Frightfest "members only" screening of Tom Shankland's WAZ, which (despite being a fairly clear combo of Seven and Saw) I really enjoyed a whole lot. It's a very dark thriller about serial killers, burnt-out cops, and all sorts of horrible demises -- and it definitely works as evidence of a director who knows his craft. So while American audiences have yet to see WAZ for themselves (the Weinsteins own it), you'll just have to trust me that when I say Shankland knows how to ramp up the nasty.

Ah, and here's some good news: Shankland has just started production on a new horror flick. (Cool.) According to Shock, production is already underway on The Day, which is about a family outing that's ruined by (maybe) a flock of demonic children. Cast members include Rachel Shelley, Stephen Campbell Moore, Eva Sayer and Jeremy Sheffield. Shankland co-wrote the screenplay with The Cottage creator Paul Williams. (And I'll be happy to drop you a reminder once WAZ gets a locked-in release date.)
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