There's a reason I've picked up most of the Sex and the City posts here at Cinematical. I've seen the show, I enjoy it, and I'm curious to see the movie. That being said, I enjoy it despite its many faults, and wouldn't go so far as to call myself a big fan. My appreciation doesn't stretch beyond enjoying the show -- I don't pick up articles about the women, I wouldn't have been disappointed if there wasn't a movie, and when I go to New York, I don't think about visiting the show's hot spots.

The New York Daily News
reports that a high-end travel company is selling "a real fantasy for women" at the super-affordable price of $24,000. That's nuts, eh? Now, to be fair, they will be able to attend the premiere of the film on May 27, but there's just no room in the budget for them to include airfare. Instead, they also get a limo ride to the Plaza Athenee, gift cards from places like Jimmy Choo, a never-released Patricia Field handbag, a stop at the SoHo House, mani-pedi spa treatments, an exclusive trip and cocktail party at Jimmy Choo, brunch at Cafeteria at the tables the girls sat at (oh my!), and then specialized side trips to coincide with your favorite character -- Miranda lovers can go for a jog in the park, Charlotte lovers can visit galleries, Samantha fans head to a sex-toy shop, and -- "Even though the tour organizers aren't promising a Mr. Big, they do vow to give the out-of-towners a chance to hook up with real New York guys."

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