Ben Stiller is set to produce and possibly star in DreamWorks' The Return of King Doug, a fantasy film based on the graphic novel by Greg Erb and Jason Oremland.

The graphic novel, which is being published by Oni Press, hasn't even hit the shelves yet before being snapped up by DreamWorks. The Hollywood Reporterwrites that Erb and Oremland, screenwriting veterans fresh off two Disney projects, will also pen the script.

Doug is the story of a man who returns to the fantasy world he left 30 years ago. It sounds like it could be a more mature Narnia, or a rehash of Hook. Unfortunately, as the book is not due to be published until 2009, Oni's website has absolutely nothing on it. It's difficult to say what this might be like. Will it be a serious fantasy adventure? Call me unimaginative, but I cannot see Stiller as an Aragorn, proudly reclaiming his throne -- because you know he'll have to after 30 years away.
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