Not long ago we posted three new Joker pics that were leaked online. After discussing the situation with a whole bunch of folks, we decided to remove them. They just spoiled too much of the film, and we at Cinematical did not want to be responsible for that. So, sorry. I know you all want your Dark Knight fix, as do we, but everyone needs to be responsible for how much Dark Knight they allow into their body. I don't need anyone to overdose on The Dark Knight today.* So you kids keep it in your pants and go about your business.

In other news, how much fun was April Fool's Day? I didn't realize how many sites would participate in the holiday, providing a slew of hysterical content to surf through all day long. Great job all around. Here's a wonderful email we got from a fan who (I think) thoroughly enjoyed our Justice League April Fools gag:

"I am calling for the immediate resignation or removal of Erik Davis from this now "so-called" cinema news site. That he would engage in such idiotic April Fools hijinks's is inconceivable. That management of this site would condone it is an even more ridiculous! If action is not taken, I will no longer be visiting this site, and will no longer patronize anyone who has advertised on this site. Shame on you, management. And shame is on you, Erik. I actually thought you were a "real" journalist. . . Thanks, "Mr. Glass."

I shall respond to this adorable reader email after the jump ...

*For the record, when I wrote this I totally was not thinking what you all thought I was thinking. I agree, in that context, it's a horrific joke in poor taste. But know that I wasn't going there; I was trying to go somewhere else with it. And believe me, if I was going there, I'd be the first to admit it.
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