George Clooney is an actor who has traversed the worlds of mainstream moviegoers and critical viewers well. While he is not considered to be the best actor out there, nor the best director, solid performances, a number of enjoyable films, and his ever-present charm have made him one of the good guys. It also doesn't hurt that he has some stinkers (Batman and Robin), and some terrible cult favorites in him as well (Return of the Killer Tomatoes).

Maybe it's a sense of humility that keeps him so entrenched in the spotlight. Reuters reports that George Clooney is looking to become more of a director in the next decade, and not just due to his interest in the craft. "Ten years from now, I imagine people will be fairly sick of seeing a lot of us who are on camera now. My hope is I'll be directing more. That is my goal." Personally, I sort of hope that he sticks to both. It's nice to have some mainstream stars out there who are not lead the tabloid pages, and who have the chops to back up their notoriety. He's got his share of buzz, but there has always been a sense of balance to it -- enough to keep him familiar, but not enough to make him annoying. But that's just me.

Are you getting sick of Clooney, or think you will be sick of him in the next 10 years?

*Interesting side note: Did you know that he first read a screenplay for Leatherheads back in his ER days?

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