You've no doubt seen the ad campaign for Forgetting Sarah Marshallby now. Instead of a traditional poster, cities across the country have been littered with all-white signs that read (in black lettering), "You Suck Sarah Marshall" or "My Mom Always Hated You Sarah Marshall." Naturally, those not "in the know" may think these signs are a personal attack on one Sarah Marshall, who, in reality, is played by the adorable Kristen Bell in the film. Well, it's happened. Like, a lot.

According to The Daily News, a bunch of women from New York City -- who also happened to be named Sarah Marshall -- are definitely feeling the heat from this ad campaign. One girl actually got a phone call from her ex saying, "I don't know who's doing this, but it's not me." One ad which reads, "You DO look fat in those jeans Sarah Marshall" has some women signing up for gym classes, and applying extra make-up in the morning. Another Sarah Marshall says, "You see ... words like 'hate' and 'suck' with your name over and over again. It just doesn't feel pleasant inside." It does seem, though, that the younger the Sarah Marshall, the better. One girl who's 27 says her fourth-grade class constantly ask for her autograph.

What do you think about the ad campaign? And if you're a Sarah Marshall, definitely chime in below. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which happens to be one helluva funny flick) hits theaters on April 18.

[via Gothamist]
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