Yesterday we shared some news from Fango: Mick Garris out and Joe Dante in as director of the Thirst remake. That's all fine and good, but you might be wondering exactly why the director switch was necessary. Well, I'll tell you: According to the same Fango report, Mick Garris' next project will be (get this!) an adaptation of a Stephen King story! Fans of either storyteller could tell you that Garris and King have previously collaborated on Sleepwalkers (1992), The Stand (1994), Quicksilver Highway (1997), Riding the Bullet (2004), Desperation (2006), and the (eventually) upcoming From a Buick 8. So this news hardly comes as a big surprise.

I hate to admit that Bag of Bones is one of those King works that I just kinda breezed through and forgot about fairly quickly, but maybe I'll give it a second spin once Mr. Garris starts organizing his cast and crew. If memory serves, the tale is a gothic ghost story noir romance sorta thing. Definitely not among Mr. King's most "fantastical" stories, but a pretty good book all the same. (I think...) More word on the Bag of Bones adaptation when it becomes public.

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