This time, Tom Cruise moves back to New Jersey ... to kick some serious ass!

I wish. Actually, above you will find a trailer for the direct-to-DVD flick War of the Worlds 2. Oh yes, they made a sequel. Even better -- it's directed by ... C. Thomas Howell! (The Outsider is back -- virtual high five!) Not only that, but it stars Howell too, as well as a bunch of other people who you probably won't know. Apparently this one begins three years after we last left those aliens. Now, a new batch have arrived on earth to wreak havoc and our military gets involved with plans to attack their home planet. The effects are pretty funny, but it's obviously a low budget affair. Think: Starship Troopers sequel as far as the look of the film goes.

I believe the DVD came out last month, so if you actually rented this sucker, do let us know what you thought of it. Tom Cruise cameo? Fingers crossed!

Note: According to Cinematical reader Marc, this is a direct-to-DVD sequel for another direct-to-DVD title of War of the Worlds, and not a direct sequel of the Spielberg movie. My head is spinning after writing that sentence.

[via Twitch/Hat Tip to Aaron and Keith]