This movie either has Oscar winner all over it, or will massively collapse under the incredible power of its own cast. Variety has announced the latest addition to Public Enemies and it is the brilliant Billy Crudup, who will be playing legendary FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. There cannot be another actor working who is less physically similar to Hoover, and yet I have no doubt Crudup can completely embody that controversial figure.

Given that the film has already been shooting for several weeks, I wonder if Crudup is really making a glorified cameo. I am always surprised when movies add a cast member so late in the game, but maybe he simply needed to be freed from Watchmen duty.

Stephen Lang has also joined the cast as Winstead, the Texas Ranger who joins the manhunt for John Dillinger and his gang. He's nearly a Michael Mann regular, having appeared in Manhunter, Band of the Hand, and the series Crime Story. Public Enemies is set for release in 2009. And we'll either be saying "Of course it was good, look who was in it!" or "It's a mystery how it failed with that line up."
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