To be fair, I haven't read the script for this -- but based on the description, it certainly seems like Disney is about to break Doc Brown's biggest (and most important) time-traveling rule. The Hollywood Reporter tells us Disney has picked up the spec script (yay for spec script surge!) Self-Guided, written by Jared Stern. So maybe we should blame Stern for this one, because his script centers on a man who "magically goes back to high school as a guidance counselor to give advice to his younger self." (I wonder if, while writing this, Stern pictured a slew of BTTF fanboys crying foul?)

Mandeville Films' David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman will produce, and there's currently no word on casting or a potential director. However, Lieberman was prepping the Disney rom-com The Proposal when he read this script, and since that film stars Ryan Reynolds, I wouldn't be surprised if Reynolds' name is first on the list. The actor seems to be heading in a new direction as of late; away from all those raunchy comedies and more toward playing adult characters.

So, are we far enough away from BTTF that this shouldn't present a problem? We're not in Zemeckis' world anymore, so why not ... right? (I'd be lying, though, if I said a part of me wasn't kinda ticked off.)
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