This is a piece of news that doesn't sound all that interesting, until I explain to you why it is. Keep reading! According to Variety, Gretchen "Bettie Page" Mol has signed up to star opposite Luke Wilson in Tenure, from first-time writer-director Mike Million. Wilson plays a college professor who finds himself having to compete for tenure with a new female academic determined to rise through the ranks.

Why is this interesting? Well, first of all, Tenure is being filmed in Philadelphia, where I currently live. Philadelphia is an amazing, beautiful city, and you will get to see it without having to endure the unacceptably high chance of being shot! Aside from M. Night Shyamalan's projects, not too many productions come here, so this sort of news is always exciting.

What? You're not from Philadelphia, and you don't care? Fine then: Tenure is also interesting because it gives me another opportunity to plug Cinematical's favorite movie of the moment. Take a look at that plot description again. Doesn't it sound an awful lot like The Promotion, which is about an assistant grocery store manager competing for a full manager position against an ambitious newcomer from Canada? Several of us havebeenravingaboutSteve Conrad's brilliant comedy to anyone who will listen since its triumphant premiere at SXSW, and are currently praying that the Weinstein Company doesn't bury it or permanently shelve it. Nothing against Luke Wilson and Gretchen Mol, but if Tenure steals The Promotion's thunder, it may just face a Cinematical boycott...
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