It was almost a year ago that Lindsay Lohan claimed she wanted to be a serious actress, one who wins an Oscar. Soon after, she signed on to play a stripper in I Know Who Killed Me. To be more precise -- a stripper who gets tortured and her legs cut off. Somehow, Lohan didn't see how the hope and the action clashed. Now it seems that she's trying to make a better post-rehab go of things, but she's still completely set on this ridiculous notion that nudity equals respectability. First she redos classic Marilyn Monroe nude shots, and now some reports say that she's going to show more skin for an upcoming film called Florence.

Ace Showbiz says that the actress has signed on to play a sex-addicted waitress in the film, and that Star Magazine claims that she is going to get naked for the role. Why? "Further, it was said that the actress/singer took the opportunity to play the controversial role to show others she still has her acting skills. To the publication, a source revealed, 'She just wants to remind people she can act and she's worth hiring.'"

Lindsay, oh Lindsay... If this is true, I hope someone out there sits you down and at least tries to make you understand this: Showing skin does not equal respectability. It will not magically wipe away your past turmoil. It will not make people think more of you. What will prove you have the talent -- acting! You don't need to strip to do it. You need to pick a film with a good role and then reveal the acting talents you're determined to showcase. Please -- keep your clothes on.
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