Oh, Lowell, when will you find true love? To me, Thomas Haden Church will always be Lowell, the lovable mechanic from the 90s sitcom Wings, but most movie fans are probably more familiar with his Academy Award-nominated role as Jack, the unfaithful, somewhat sleazy buddy of wine lover Paul Giamatti in Alexander Payne's Sideways. More recently, he became a giant, somewhat bewildered pile of sand in Spider-Man 3. (Sorry, I never quite understood his character in the movie.) Now he's about to star with the adorable, bubbly Kate Hudson -- but it's not the kind of light romantic pairing you might expect.

According to Variety, Church will play Hudson's husband in Big Eyes, a biopic that will be directed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, based on their script. The film will dramatize events in the lives of Walter and Margaret Keane. For many years, Walter reportedly took credit for artwork that his wife had painted. The artwork became quite popular; eventually, though, Margaret sued Walter in order to regain credit, and evidently the lawsuit and trial will be key components in the film.

Whether you find the artwork to be creepy, as Christopher Campbell did, or worthy of museums and one-artist shows (check out the list at Margaret Keane's official site), I think the film stands a good chance of being quite dramatic, especially with the addition of Church. He can be simultaneously charming and sleazy, as he proved in Sideways, so I expect fireworks and sparks to fly when the film is released.
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