Another day, another comic book optioned. This time it is Paperstreet Comics' Pencilneck, which has been optioned by Benderspink according to The Hollywood Reporter. When it comes to their past projects, Benderspink certainly has had the best luck with graphic novel adaptations -- they helped produce David Cronenberg's A History of Violence.

I am willing to bet that memories of Tom Stall is what drew the company to the indie Pencilneck. The miniseries follows the life of Jonathan Kincaid, a mild mannered banker. The incarceration of his twin brother, Jeffery, has caused him to repress even the merest twinge of anger. But his weak-willed existence is destroyed when three mob associates offer him a trade -- his brother's life in exchange for his assistance in robbing the bank. Of course, nothing goes smoothly and Kincaid discovers a propensity for violence. It is the Punisher by way of Dwight Shrute.
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