In all of the world's modern accomplishments, and as far as we've come over the last 100 years, there's still a long way to go, especially with race and culture, and cinema is a perfect example of that. It's still noteworthy when an African American actor or actress wins an Oscar. Films are still being whitewashed. No matter how many progressive ideas hit the waves, Hollywood relies on their fear-induced blanket of stereotypes and marginalized roles for a large group of talented, charismatic, and diverse actors.

In the case of a movie like 21, it's just downright laughable. Why change the race of these actors so that Jim Sturgess & company could grab the roles. No offense to Jim, who I really enjoyed in Across the Universe, but is he going to pull in bigger numbers than, say, John Cho?

One, Hollywood needs to stop fearing minority stars. Two, they need to recognize the diverse multi-racial talent that has managed to break through narrow casting waters, and how many more are out there, undiscovered. Three, they need to make use of them! Take a look just at this list. It's not only a list of talented people, but I bet you at least a few of the names would surprise you. They're out there, and there's more where they came from.

In honor of a few films that have hit it big in the states, starring talented actors who are not white, I give you Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and Bend It Like Beckham.
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