I said we would get news before long. I just thought it would be more exciting than this.

Entertainment Weekly sat down with Del Toro and managed to get a few quotes from him on his involvement with The Hobbit. It sounds like nothing is definite, not even his involvement as director. (Which explains all those "So, Del Toro is directing then?" comments I keep hearing.) On where production stands now, the hopeful director is only slightly more informed than we are. "There have been a lot of discussions of cast and crew, agreements on the direction the movies would go, and if and when I come on board. But other than that, frankly it's all immaterial until everything is signed and put on paper."

As expected, the death of New Line Cinema put a kink in the works, but not as much as anyone would think. "I think it played a role for a few days; being dramatic, I would say a couple of weeks. But the fact is [the movie is] a huge endeavor. It's about a half-a-decade of commitment. It's two movies back-to-back that are massive. So a lot has to be sorted out. All I can say is, creatively we are all in sync and eager to commit and move forward."
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