There were some subscriber-only hints about this movie over at THR earlier this year, and now the cats out of the bag. Variety reports that Maggie Gyllenhaal and Paul Bettany are heading to Australia for director Shirley Barrett's South Solitary. The feature is one of many that is going to be funded by Film Finance Corp., as it gears up to join the Australian Film Commission and "make a super agency called Screen Australia."

According to IMDb, the film will focus "on a disgraced young woman and a soldier suffering from the ongoing effects of shell shock who discover a great need for companionship and hope in the face of hostile elements." I have a feeling you can tell who will play what role. There is no word on when this will be set, but it could be either present-day or the past, since one of the other films being funded focuses on Australian SAS soldiers in Vietnam (The Last Man).
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