The ol' clock on the wall says it's Friday -- wait, what kind of clock is that? -- and that means it's time for The (Mostly) Indie Film Calendar, your weekly look at what's cool and happenin' beyond the multiplexes of North America. If you know of something nifty happening in your city that you think should be on the calendar, send me a link! My e-mail is Eric.Snider (at) Weblogsinc (dot) com.

Now then! To the calendar!


  • My Blueberry Nights, the much-anticipated English-language debut from Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai, opens in New York and Los Angeles today. It stars singer Norah Jones as a woman recovering from a breakup and traveling across the United States. Cinematical's James Rocchi saw it at Cannes last year and quite liked it.
  • Meet Bill, formerly just called Bill, is a comedy starring Aaron Eckhart as a man with crumbling marriage who reluctantly becomes a mentor to a teenage boy. It premiered at Toronto last year and opens today in various places in the Midwest.