If you thought the robots in the first (live action) Transformers film were big, then wait until you get a hold of what director Michael Bay is planning for the sequel. This one is still in rumor form right now, and comes to us via IESB -- but apparently (and this might be considered a spoiler warning) Bay has plans to introduce the Constructicons into the mix. In the cartoons they were Decepticons and their names were Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Mixmaster (Mike?), Hook, Long Haul and Michael Bay is F**king Awesome. Since Bonecrusher was used in the first film, that name will most likely change to something like Biggest Sequel of All Time-er ... or something along those lines.

The whole thing with these robots were that they could join together to form one massive robot called Devastator (see fan art to the right, courtesy of IESB and Rise Studio). Now, while there's a chance Bay leaked this info on purpose in order to throw us all off, I could totally see this being the real deal. Why wouldn't he want to go bigger and badder for the sequel? Whatever the case may be, do you Transformers fans like this direction?
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