From National CineMedia comes this brand new in-theater promotional video for this summer's The Incredible Hulk. The clip above is sort of a behind-the-scenes look at what inspired the film (featuring interviews with producer Kevin Feige and director Louis Leterrier), as well as clips from a few scenes we haven't yet seen. Granted, a majority of what they show was already released in that first trailer, but there's definitely some new stuff thrown in.

Most of the people I've run into as of late are iffy on this film, but only because of the smaller marketing push. Personally, I really want to love it. In their last podcast, James and Scott spoke about Iron Man and the amazing cast that comes with that comic book flick. Well, Incredible Hulk isn't much different. You have Edward Norton, Tim Roth (who, honestly, will probably make a sick villain), William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson, Liv Tyler ... and, heck, Robert Downey Jr. will also make an appearance as Tony Stark. I dunno, it's hard for me to NOT anticipate this film with that cast. I really hope it rocks.

The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13.