Hearing about connections between churches and movie studios never sits well with me, whether it's in reference to Evan Almightyor Lars and the Real Girl, but I completely understand why a studio would go for it. From a marketing standpoint, it makes sense -- go to the audience keg you want to tap, and do what you can to make that happen. Now there's a new distribution twist in the world of moviemaking, and while I understand it, I can't quite believe it.

Variety reports that Big Rig, Doug Pray's documentary about truckers, will be released on June 3. Why is that significant? It's not just a nice, almost-summer day. Variety says that it "will be released just as drivers fed up with rising fuel prices and job cuts are contemplating an industry-wide strike." One, I guess that truckers won't be shipping this movie to its selected theaters. Two, is this the new craze? Will movies be made to tap into political unrest, or a potential market that will have some free time on their hands?

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