If there's one thing you can say, it's that Werner Herzog has diverse talents. He can not only eat a shoe, but now tune pianos! The Hollywood Reporter posts that he will write and direct a new film called The Piano Tuner for Focus Features. Based on a book by Daniel Mason, the script was first written by Peter Buchman, and is now being handed over to Herzog for a rewrite.

Centering on a piano tuner named Edgar Drake, the project is about much more than just music and tuning. Set in the late 19th-century, Drake is a quiet piano tuner living in London, who is commissioned by the British War Office to repair a piano housed in a remote village in Burma, which is owned by an eccentric colonel. He makes the long journey there and tunes the piano, but that's only the start. He gets brought in on a peace mission, and as THR describes it: "Drake falls in love with a Burmese woman and her country, but as the officer wins over locals through music and medicine, things grow treacherous when his troops begin to suspect him of treason."
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