I suppose we should be flattered. It seems that someone (specifically Outlaw Vern) has put together an impressively elaborate Cinematicalparody page. Vern's "Professional Movie Blog of Films" features such stories as "EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Shrek 4 Window Decal" and "Vern's Six to Grow On: Top 6 Movies I Don't Have Anything Insightful to Say About." The point, I guess, is to try to paint Cinematical as so much corporate hackwork. Hopefully our actual readers know better. We think the parody's a bit mean-spirited (we're just trying to be helpful, here), are stunned anyone would take the time, and maybe most importantly, are flabbergasted to find someone still using Geocities (as one of our number incredulously opined, "What is this, 1996?"). But we're also mature enough to acknowledge that parts of it are kind of funny. ("Exclusive Paraphrase"? Okay, that's a good one.) And we figured we ought to tip our hats and acknowledge the jab. At least someone's reading, right?