For the upcoming romantic comedy Bride Wars, we've already got Kate Hudson battling Anne Hathaway. The actresses play best friends who begin warring when they both pick the same wedding date. Instead of compromising, sharing, or figuring out a way to make things work, neither will back down from their chosen date, and they begin competing for everything from venues and services to the guests they hope to score.

Now Variety reports that Candice Bergen has signed on to co-star as Marion St. Claire -- "the queen of all wedding planners." (I wonder if she works with Franck Eggelhoffer?) I think it's safe to say that Ms. Bergen will be someone both women fight to hire, and since she's listed as a co-star, maybe the planner will play both sides of the fence. While Bergen has been busy over the years, from her stint on Sex and the City, to her main gig on Boston Legal, The In-Laws was her last movie gig, in 2003. Now she's got bridal wars and The Women coming our way.

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