And here's a few more casting bites for you, on this Monday, courtesy of Variety:

Writing about this bite is a bit dangerous, since I'm quite peckish and have an untouched package of triple-cream brie in my refrigerator. But I'll soldier on for all of you. The young Alison Brie, Trudy from Mad Men, has picked up a lead role in Deborah Brock's Montana Amazon, which means she gets to act with the likes of Olympia Dukakis and Hayley Joel Osment.

According to the Desert Dispatch, the film is about "a dysfunctional family's road trip across America." It should be ... interesting. After "a killing occurs," the family is led my grandma Dukakis from rural Montana to Canada. However, she gets confused and heads for Mexico instead. The film also has a part for another recent casting bites actor, Angel Oquendo. In his blog, he says that he gets to play a nervous husband driving his wife to the delivery room.
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