Below the fold you'll find two brief alternate cuts of the Cloverfield ending that will be included on the April 22nd DVD release. They're more like minor tweaks than full reimaginings (certainly nothing like the earth-shattering new I Am Legend ending we saw in March); the first uses a different sunny flashback grace note to end the film, and the second adds a barely perceptible hint of someone finding the camera in the rubble. Nothing, in other words, to write home about -- though it is interesting to see the different permutations that they tried.

The clips do remind me of a question I had after seeing the film in theaters. I'm sure I'm not the only person to have thought of this, but: Does it make sense, from a technological standpoint, for the remnants of the characters' earlier recording to have remained on the camera, interrupting the new footage? Wouldn't that have required them to stop taping, "fast-forward," and start again? I know digital camcorders don't work exactly like old-fashioned ones with tapes, but doesn't overwriting still work in basically the same way? Not that I care much, since I will cheerfully sell plausibility down the river for something that's dramatically effective (which I thought this was), but can anyone that knows more about camcorders than I do shed some light on whether this nifty storytelling device made any sense?