The best thing about the ongoing rush for new comic book projects is that studios are looking to the indie companies for books. It's intriguing. I can't decide if it's proof they're actually reading them, or if they're just finding them on the desk of some intern.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latest to be snapped up is North Wind, a five issue series from Boom! Studios. Davis Entertainment will co produce alongside Andrew Cosby and Ross Richie, owners of Boom! and its film shingle, Boom Entertainment. The series' writer David DiGilio will adapt it for the big screen. Cosby and Richie are rolling in Hollywood deals lately -- this is the fifth Boom! property to be sold and put into production.
North Wind is set in a bleak future where Earth is experiencing a second Ice Age due to nuclear fallout and global warming. Humanity has carved an existence out of the snow and ice, living in bunkers and in the buried buildings of former Los Angeles. L.A. is being ruled by a cruel dictator, who drives some to live as outcasts in the wilderness.

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