Here's a good question: How many times have you been out renting a movie with your significant other when a fight between the two of you over which movie to rent breaks out? Okay, maybe not a full-on fight, but more like one of those annoying arguments ... in public? Over at The Movie Blog, they have up a pretty funny post called How To (And Not To) Pick A DVD With Your Girlfriend. Of course, the title kinda leaves out boyfriends, husbands and wives -- but that's not the point. The point is that this has become one of the hardest tasks for a couple -- and if you've never argued with your significant other over a rental choice, then congrats: You're in the perfect relationship!

I can't even count the number of times I've been in Blockbuster with my wife (used to be girlfriend), and she'd pick up a movie like Underdog (simply because she wanted to see how our dog would react to the other dogs talking), and I'd sort of grumble back a "Really? Do we have to get that?" Then, most (if not all) of the time, she'd say something like, "Ugh -- you think you know everything because you write for a stupid movie site. Why can't I ever pick something!?" People look, the guy putting away movies smiles all-knowingly and I wind up watching Underdog while she holds our dog's head toward the screen, whispering "Who's that doggie? Is that doggie talking? Look at that doggie flying!"

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